Fireboy and Watergirl 1 Forest Temple

Fireboy and Watergirl 1 Forest Temple

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Fireboy and Watergirl 1 Forest Temple - Walkthrough

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The Fireboy and watergirl 1 – The Forest Temple is an excellent and challenging game for your brain because you can deal with surprising challenges with the help of your brain power. The game involves two characters named as WaterGirl and FireBoy. Both characters work together to cross all hurdles and successfully pass all challenges of the game. The game has diamonds of two red and blue colors that will increase your rank. The blue diamonds are for WaterGirl, and the red diamonds are for FireBoy. You can earn different diamonds at each stage to improve your grades. There are two heroes in the game because the game requires teamwork. There are lots of hurdles and press buttons. One person is required to stand on the button to remove a difficulty for the other person.

Controls of the Game

The both characters should grab the diamonds in their way. Both characters can be controlled through different keys; therefore, more than one person can also play the game.

  • The WASD keys will help you to move and jump the watergirl
  • If you want to move and jump the fire boy, then use the arrow keys

The Fireboy and watergirl 1 – The Forest Temple has two heroes instead of one, and it is the tricky point of this game that you will manage both the characters at the same time. While crossing all hurdles, don’t forget to collect the diamonds because this will increase your ranking. In each level, you will find different difficulties, such as the water is dangerous for fireboy and the fire are not good for the watergirl.

There will be water, lava, green pool and black pits; you should save both of them from green and black pits because these may convert them into the steam. A green button is available at the end of the game; you can hit that button to know about your level. The button would also help you to resume the game if you trapped at any point. The game is more than just running and jumping over the hurdles. You should get ready to deal with the obstacles and other challenges with the presence of your mind. There are some blocks that are placed for your help. You can put these blocks at the right place according to your requirements. There are some buttons, and the slabs to hold down these buttons.

Keep it in mind that your characters can only push the blocks, and they are unable to pull them. You have to keep some space around the blocks to let your character drive them quickly. Some levels can be simple to cross, but others require the movements of both players at the same time. You have to practice your keyboard skills to move both water and fire characters at the same time. It is possible to involve another person in the game by sharing one side of the keyboard. Your success will be based on the movements of your fingers.

Analysis of the game

Lots of challenges are waiting for you in the Fireboy and watergirl 1 – The Forest Temple; therefore, you may find it frustrating to deal with the challenges. With some practice and presence of mind, you will be able to control the characters. Carefully decide each and every move in the game because any wrong move in the game will lead you to restart the entire level. The fireboy in the water leads this character to the death, and the game will be finished. The water is safe for the watergirl, and you have to be careful about these things while moving each character. The game control is so easy; therefore, the game is perfect for kids also. The cute character, bright colors and sweet music makes it an incredible game to play in your spare time.

You may find it difficult to play with the both characters at the same time, but your reflexes and presence of mind plays an important role. Just jump, grab, sizzle and run on the tracks according to the characters and enjoy A ranking. The Fireboy and watergirl 1 – The Forest Temple requires patience and practice. If you have a good grip on the keys of the keyboard, you will be easily able to control both the characters. The game is ideal for the people looking to arrange a productive activity for their kids. The kids can get lots of benefits with the help of this game because the game forces them to use their systematic approach and planning to win the game.

Let your Kids Play the Fireboy and watergirl 1 – The Forest Temple

If you want to give some useful activities to your children, then use this game because the game helps them to plan their ways to win the game. It helps them to understand the importance of teamwork. The two important characters of the game Watergirl and Fireboy have their own immunity and destruction elements. It requires the presence of mind to remember all these elements and securely cross all hurdles while saving their lives. There are many levels with lots of challenges, and your kid will find it interesting to pass each level.

Focus of the Game

You can help your kids understand the game by explaining each and everything. It will be a good idea to provide them an overview and let them explore different stages. The game requires your attention, focus and continues efforts. At each level, your child will work toward a goal, such as collect all gems and finish each level within the time. The controls of the games through keyboard will help your child to become an expert. It can increase his/her typing speed, and he/she will learn the importance of time management. They will learn to complete each level at a faster rate to get bigger rewards and rating. In short, the Fireboy and watergirl 1 – The Forest Temple is a productive game to develop good skills in your growing child.

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