Fireboy and Watergirl 2 Light Temple

Fireboy and Watergirl 2 Light Temple

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Fireboy and Watergirl 2 Light Temple - Walkthrough

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It is a known fact that the water and fire can’t mix, but the Fireboy and watergirl 2 – The Light Temple makes this impossible act possible. In this game, the Fireboy and Watergirl work together. The Fireboy and watergirl work together to pass all challenges and obstacles while collecting diamonds from the fabled light temple. The game has 40 new stages that require your active brain and action of the fingers on the keyboard. The game is filled with anthropomorphic elements in the game. The game is quite interesting and challenging for your kids because it will engage your children in a productive activity. The game requires multitasking at the same time, and it will help your kids in an appropriate manner. The characters of the game are easy to control because you can use the keyboard to move the both characters.

Controls of the Game

Just like its forerunner, the Fireboy and watergirl 2 – The Light Temple requires you to control the both characters at the same time.

  • Control the watergirl with WASD keys
  • Control the fireboy with arrow keys

Both characters can be moved independently or at the same time, but if you want to complete the game within the given time, you have to use both your hands. The aim of this game is to collect as many gems as possible to get excellent ranking and enter into the next level through their respective exits. There will be lots of traps in your way, and you have to deal with all of them. For instance, the fire is not good for watergirl, and the fireboy can’t able to handle water. There is a lethal black liquid for both characters, and you can save them through the high jump. The watergirl and fireboy will both vaporize if they touch their respective pits. The game has lots of levels full of challenges, and the characters can move with the help of their respective keys.

The stages have lots of blue and red diamond. The blue diamonds are for watergirl while the red diamonds are for fireboy. If you want to get “A” rank, then you should collect all diamonds and complete the game within the time. You have to control the both characters at the same time because the game requires teamwork between fireboy and watergirl. There are some sensitive buttons, and one of these characters should stand on the button in order to unlock various barriers. Some stages are tricky filled with barriers, light sensors, reflectors and sensitive buttons. You have to cover all stages with your skills and active mind. There are massive blocks in the game that are important to move to reach the higher areas.

The game involved some tricky stages that require your full attention and instant actions to remove all barriers. The fireboy and watergirl can jump and run on the same platform, but there are some platforms that are sensitive for either fireboy or watergirl. The game is quite similar to the forest temple, and the fans of forest template can easily play this game. There are few new surprises for the players. There are black patches and illuminated characters that can glow either of a character. The mirror blocks are placed to allow the light beam to access a particular target. Each stage requires careful movement and alteration of the light beam to activate the photosensitive switches. Some individual blocks need the reflective angle of 90 degrees. The blocks of mirrors require precise placement to target particular places.

Analysis of the Game

The Fireboy and watergirl 2 – The Light Temple is a funny and challenging game with lots of special effects. You have to deal with all the difficult aspects of the game while controlling dual characters at the same time. Each level has something special and hazardous for both the characters. The mirrors are designed for your help, and you are required to place these mirrors to make the levels easy for you. It is a unique challenge, and you can beat all levels with the power of your mind. You will feel satisfied after passing each level, but don’t be so happy because new challenges are waiting for you in the new levels. The game has light manipulation and dark stages, and you have to go through all tricky aspects of the game. If you get bored then we have another type of game for you. Fireboy and Watergirl 3 Ice Temple is the right game to test your knowledge and have fun in the same time!

Each level is designed very precisely, and there are some issues that may cause difficulties, but don’t worry because the things were resolved by the time. You carelessness and wrong placement of the characters can make things difficult for you because sometimes, the movement of the block is important to remove barriers. Keep it in mind that the characters are pushers, and they can’t pull anything. Any wrong placement of the block can cause difficulties for you because both the characters are unable to remove the block. Unfortunate placement of the block against the wall will force you to restart the game. The keyboard controls may cause difficulties for you because they may respond you late while you are trying to jump over the deadly pits. The maximum completion time for the most of the levels is 3 minutes, and any restart will not affect your score.

If you want to play the game with your friend, you can complete it even earlier. The controls can be tricky to handle, but you have to learn to do everything at a faster rate. You can go through the sequence of the game to complete it earlier by crossing all hurdles. The Fireboy and watergirl 2 – The Light Temple has lots of challenges for both boy and girl; therefore, you should learn to have full control on the mechanism of the two characters. The fire and water will work with each other to solve the puzzle and to become successful; you have to pass all 40 levels. After this game you may also want to try Fireboy and Watergirl 3 Ice Temple. You can engage your kids in this game to let them learn how to work as a team and corporate with each other to complete each and every mission.

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